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Created by father and son who happen to be opticians and eyewear enthusiasts.

Thirty five years of working in retail with high-end brands has shaped our understanding of the industry.  We strive to source the best brands for our clients.  From fit, shape, lens type and of course style & look.  That brings a lot of joy to us. We played around with the idea of starting several brands from low to high end without compromising on quality.  First step would be reading glasses.

Pat & Jack 

Determining what our first collection would be was quite interesting. Because designing was new to us. But we enjoyed the process. All our readers are designed in house, drawing inspiration from the customers we've serviced throughout the years. We really enjoy mixing fun colors, shapes with an edge/twist, comfort and durability are key features. 


sam reading glasses
pat and jack logo
sam side view reading glasses

     dark blue  

Our lenses are treated with high quality hydrophobic coating, scratch resistant and blue light filter technology, especially important for those who work on computers, tablets and phones. 

Pat & Jack is fun, durable, easy, good quality and well-priced. Funky. Savors life and adventure. Art. 

We love eyewear.  We are your eyes best friend and nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing clearly with style