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The Best Glasses For A Round Face (Top 5 Shapes)

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

If you recently discovered your face shape, you might wonder what is the best glasses shape for round faces. Finding reading glasses that are both stylish and flattering on you isn’t an easy task. Luckily, when you order glasses online, the search is done for you. Gone are the days of trying on a dozen pairs in a smudged mirror.

Knowing your face shape can elevate your glasses game to a whole new level. Round faces in particular can pull off a wide range of styles. If you don’t know if you have a round face, keep reading. Today, we’re going to discuss what the round face shape is and the best glasses for round faces. Let’s dive in.

What Is A Round Face Anyways?

So what is a round face shape? A round face shape is when your head’s width and length measurements are equal. Soft, full cheeks and a round chin suggest a round face. Look at celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio who both have a round face shape.

Do I Have A Round Face?

If you don’t know your face shape, don’t worry. We’re here to help you find out! While an oval face shape can resemble a round one, lack of definition around your chin indicates round. An easy way to determine your face shape is by finding the widest and narrowest parts of your face. If they are equal measurements then your face shape is round.

Your features are likely soft and rounded rather than sharp. Here are some signs that you have a round face:

  • You have full cheeks

  • Your facial features are soft

  • You have a rounded chin

  • The widest points are your cheekbones

  • Your face is as tall as it is wide

You may find that your face shape isn’t completely round. That’s totally normal as most face shapes (oval, square, heart, diamond) share features.

What Kind Of Glasses Look Good On A Round Face?

If you’ve determined that you have a round face shape, congratulations! The best glasses for round faces are aplenty. From funky to flattering, you can be sure to find the right pair of reading glasses for a round face.

The best glasses frames for round faces include defined angles and bold colours. These styles complement the soft curves of a round face by creating contrast. Large glasses frames will make your face appear narrower. Bold colours also make your face look smaller by creating a strong contrast.

If you have a round face shape, avoid narrow frames. These can make your face appear even wider.

The Best Glasses For A Round Face

Though it seems contradictory, rounder faces need larger glasses. This creates an optical illusion. Aim to create visual balance with whatever frames you choose. Here are the best glasses for round faces:

Rectangle Glasses

If you’re blessed with a round face shape, rectangle glasses are a great choice. They can balance out your round features with sharp angles and a width that adds length to your face. Not to mention there are a stylish variety of rectangular reading glasses to choose from.

Rectangle frames are pleasing on all face shapes for a reason: they’re versatile and easy to style. They’re flattering enough without dominating your face. Not only can they highlight your gorgeous cheekbones, but also draw attention away from your round jaw. Exactly what you want to complement your natural features.

Square Glasses

If rectangles aren’t your thing, we recommend the square glasses shape for round face. Square frames create contrast against a round face with straight lines and definition. They can offset your wide cheeks and round features in a pleasant way. Square reading glasses are exactly what you need to create balance and harmony in your face.

Cat-Eye Frame Glasses

If you’re looking to add sass to your style, look no further. Cat eye glasses are a trendy choice for a round face. Cat eyes balance out roundness while enhancing your natural features. The cat eye effect can highlight your beautiful eyes while lifting the cheeks. Cat eye frames create a dramatic look that you might be looking for.

Geometric Frames

If you like to experiment with fashion, geometric glasses are for you. This is where shape meets style, giving you an unconventional look. The sharp angles of hexagons and octagons contrast the soft curves of a round face. While other guides may recommend oval frames, we suggest sharper frames to give your round face definition.

Oversized Frames

Boldness is a key consideration in glasses for round faces. Colourful frames can elevate your style while making your round features pop. Oversized frames are especially good for making your face appear slimmer. A bold, boxy frame will complement your round features by making them appear more defined.

The Best Glasses for a Round Face

So there you have it. The best glasses for round faces are frames that contrast your face’s natural roundness. Keep an eye out for bold frames and sharp angles. We recommend rectangle, square, cat eye, geometric, or oversized frames to complement a round face.

More importantly, wear the glasses that make you feel your best everyday. All styles of reading glasses can look flattering on a round face!

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